Who Can Volunteer?

Adults (19+) who enjoy interacting with youth make great Rebound volunteers. Youth (14+) can volunteer with GPS (Getting Possibilities Started), Spectrum and ACT II. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and promote respect and trust.

Volunteers are required to undergo a criminal background check and provide two references. New volunteers are matched with an experienced volunteer after completing an interview, orientation, and training session.

Why Volunteer?

The success of Rebound depends on the continued commitment and dedication of our volunteers. Our volunteers are positive role models who are vital in coaching and mentoring our youth.

Volunteering at Rebound not only has a positive impact on our youth but also our volunteers.

Rebound has over 100 volunteers that invest thousands of hours into building a stronger community.  Rebound volunteers make a world of difference.

What Volunteer Opportunities Are There?

Volunteers can help in our various youth programs, be a guest speaker, or help with fund raising, marketing, behind the scenes at ACT II, yard work and maintenance... the opportunities are many.  

What Our Volunteers Have To Say

"Seeing youth change and grow is a priceless reward. Rebound has given me the opportunity to serve my community and invest in its future."
Julie Ferguson - Volunteer since 2002

"For nearly thirty years Rebound has adapted to changing times, positively impacting thousands of young people along the way. I am amazed by it all."
Barry Symington - Rebound Co-Founder

Contact Us

Anyone interested in helping to build a brighter future for youth, or looking for more information, please contact volunteer@reboundonline.com.