Parent Program

Parent Program

Every Wednesday is Parent/Caregiver day at Rebound! Join us in the afternoon at 1pm or in the evening at 6pm for a casual conversation about issues relating to you and your teenager.

It’s a tough job being a parent and we are here to support you. Being the parent/caregiver of a teenager can be a wild and crazy roller coaster ride and keeping it all together can be a challenge.

Each session we will discuss things like; adolescent brain development and why your kids may have trouble making those difficult choices. Develop strategies on building solid relationships and keeping the lines of communication open. How to keep your cool when tempers flare. 

We will also talk about how some youth are using social media and why you need to get involved with your kids on-line activities.

This is a positive space for parents and caregivers to share support, stories and positive parenting tips to help our youth navigate these tricky teenage years.

Call us at 519-344-2841 if you have any questions or to register for a session.